Recently, I am busy with everything. I feel tired and anxious. I’m trying to find a method that can bring about lasting change and make solving my life’s challenges easier and simpler. I am a socialist and I support the free software movement. I used to write some Emacs configurations, but these setups couldn’t address my problems. I’ve fallen into a new trap of doing things just for the sake of doing them. In the past, in my quest for a comprehensive Emacs configuration, I used to search for and copy others’ configurations, but I had little knowledge of these Emacs Lisp codes.

When I learned about the concept of redguardtoo, I just thought it was okay! Let’s find a mature Emacs configuration, and I will easily solve these issues. But reality hit me hard. I cloned DOOM Emacs, Space Emacs, and Centaur Emacs. I naively believed that using them would set me free.

But these mature Emacs configurations are either using a new configuration format or authors have configured the parts I want to configure, which creates chaos. I’m just a typical Chinese student, and I lack the power and time to fully comprehend these codes. I can hardly consider myself an Emacs hacker. I see that I am just an ordinary Emacs user.

Normal is the standard of life, so I decided to do things that an ordinary person can do. I abandoned everything that appeared modern and cool on the surface. I want life to be simple again, just like childhood. I gave up calling myself an Emacs hacker, but I can now be more true to myself.

I criticized and inherited the mindset of redguardtoo. Like him, I also use the Purcell Emacs configuration structure as my base setup. However, I just want Emacs to be an nice academic editor, not an all-in-one solution. I gave up on Emacs as a code editor and instead view it as a writing editor. I will use minimal configuration to turn it into a second Bard and card for taking notes.

I also gave up on using Emacs as a time management tool. I never use org mode to plan my time but use org mode as a note tool.

Now, you can see my new Emacs configuration in the image below. It is a beautiful tool and maintains the appropriate complexity. The most important thing is it is fast. I named it APTX-4869 .


You could download by this .